Happy World Ocean’s Day !

Happy World Ocean’s Day everyone! The ocean is a place of many treasures; it helps supply the oxygen we breathe and supports the very fine balance of the ecosystem on our blue planet. The blue planet has so many wonders and so much life that depends on this delicate equilibrium of marine life, minerals and nourishment to grow and thrive.

Our Commitment

As an advocate and supporter of our seas and oceans, Bikini Sunrise is committed to raising awareness as well as making charitable donations to help protect marine habitats across the globe, in hopes to ensure future flourishing seas for generations to come.

Happy World Ocean’s Day! ocean

We want to entrust you with the knowledge and honour of keeping our planet safe and our oceans thriving. We hope that you will join us on this World Ocean’s Day to celebrate; as well as to work together to protect our seas and oceans.

Happy World Ocean’s Day! coral reef

50% of earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean, protecting the organisms that produce it by supporting the planting of mangroves and seagrass to protect & sustain marine life and coral reefs.

3 billion people in the world depend on food from the sea, shop sustainable sourced seafood to keep the supply strong. 

80% of marine pollution originates inland, get involved in beach clean ups, local acts have a global impact.

Happy World Ocean’s Day! calm sea

We look forward to having you join us in our fight towards protecting and sustaining our blue planet. The ocean’s wellbeing is our wellbeing; the two go hand in hand, without it there would be no blue planet and no planet Earth. Help us today, with every purchase made at Bikini Sunrise; 5% of every sale will go towards Ocean and Coral Reef Foundations. 

We hope you will join us in our promise to help protect our seas and oceans.

Peace and love & Happy World Ocean’s Day

Bikini Sunrise x

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