Swimwear Trends 2020

While summer 2020 is off to an unexpected start and is a little different from previous years, it has definitely taken off and there are some seriously sizzling hot styles that we’ll be bringing your way this season! Whether you’re sunbathing in your balcony, spending days in the park or just relaxing in your back garden, many of the most popular styles will still be practical to lounge around in even if you’re not jet setting across the world.
So let’s talk the latest on bikinis!
The exposed underwired bikini tops are flaming hot and still trending. When the sexy designs – a triangular bra with the curved metal underwire at the center, creates an inverted "V" that deepens the neckline were made popular by Camilla Coelho and the Kardashians, everyone wanted a piece of the bikini action!
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Tie-dye is to die for! As it has been featured all over the SS20 runways from Versace to Dior and clearly has maintained its prominence across beachwear, as surf-inspired, colourful tie-dye bikinis are available across many designer brands.
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Vintage-inspired prints are also having a moment, reflecting the floral and polka dot patterns. The trend maintains its retro sensibility by often being paired against high-waisted bikinis or one-piece silhouettes for a true vintage feel.
So of course summer plans may be held up but its still the most wonderful time of the year and our love for swimwear will never go away ;)
Keep scrolling to shop our favourite swimwear trends for 2020.

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