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Our Planet is screaming

A food container, plastic bag, one plastic bottle; it may just be one of each item you take to the beach and leave behind. And you think ah well…; it’s just one right? Someone else will clean it up. Well, our planet is screaming, are you listening?

But if you multiply that by say 100 or maybe a 1000 depending how warm a day it is and how many people visit the beach, it’s extraordinarily overwhelming for such a delicate ecosystem such as the beach and the seashores to continue thriving and sustaining themselves. There aren’t enough people if at all there to clean all the rubbish you leave behind on these beaches. 

We often forget where land and sea life coexist, the activities of one affects the other and therefore one looks after the other, we truly do live in a circle that never ends. This is often lost on people, how much we are connected to one another and how the actions of one affect everyone everywhere. The sheer volume of pollution experienced day in and day out on beaches is in effect beyond criminal. 

The planet is dying for a change.

It’s nothing new; its nothing you’ve never heard before but just as much as we are a swimwear company and love sourcing and showcasing amazing beachwear, we also really care about the environment and the beaches we visit. Our core beliefs and values underline freedom, experience, love and compassion for all and that includes all wildlife. We believe all living things are to be treasured and shown the respect they rightfully deserve. 

We want you wonderful Bikini babes to be the angels of our beaches and in turn of our seas and oceans. When you’re out and about, enjoying yourselves this summer, remember that love and respect is what connects us all. That means it starts with one simple act:

Pick up your rubbish, pick up someone else’s rubbish it doesn’t matter, it’s a way of paying it forward, you will get back what you give. That’s a fact, others will follow and it will create a ripple effect and it’s as simple as that.

We also have something exciting we are working: we’ll be rolling out soon as part of our mantra as protectors of our beaches; The bikini angels of our seas and the guardians for our aquatic friends. We will directly be involved in our fight to protect our environment and we hope that you will join us.

Stay tuned, turned on as we drop the next post 😉

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