We’re all longing to get away

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We’re all longing to get away and get on the beach again; but if you could fly anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be? Here are some of our favourite spots to help fill the long hours of coronavirus lockdown longing…


Bali is by far one of the most beautiful and most popular tourist destinations in Asia and boasts some truly gorgeous beaches to relax and chill around in. While much of the action is centred around popular hot spots such as Kuta, Sanur and Ubud, the northern locations around Pemuteran and Gilimanuk are nowhere near as busy – and full of amazing beaches.

Also accessible from Bali are the wonderful Nusa Islands of Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan which compliment beautifully with our Jungle Beach Island inspired bikinis and cover ups.


Some of the whitest sandy beaches and clearest true turquoise blue waters can be found in the Caribbean among the more than 2000 islands that make up The Bahamas.

An exotic and exciting adventure into the blue sea and the beautiful marine life that surrounds the Bahamas; are what fascinates us the most. It’s such good fun to get out there. Snorkel or diving in the gorgeous tropical water, swimming with all the exotic fish; it’s a real delight.

The Exuma Cays, home to a colony of the most unusual sea creatures known to the diving world – pigs! In between the sharks and their porcine friends are some wonderful coral reefs and walls. Interspersed with brilliant white sandy bottoms and innumerable small caves and caverns. Definitely makes us feel like we’re longing to get away! In such a stunning location; you’re going to want to look the part and we’ve got the perfect effortless chic and tropical looks for you!


The Philippines has a wide variety of completely different beach and water activity experiences to delight and entice every type of tropical traveller depending on where you go.

If you want some of the most stunning reefs in the Coral Triangle; they can be found somewhere in the Philippines (and in the national park of Tubbataha). You have a fantastic chance to see whale sharks, or thresher sharks around Malapascua. For the gram, make sure to go to Boracay; known for its luxurious white beaches and Bulabog beach water sports. The pristine sandy beaches and shallow turquoise waters will make you feel out of this world.

So hit us up as we’re all longing to get away. Where would you like to go when the Coronavirus Lockdown is lifted?

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